The Course


Hole 1

Pros Tip - A drive favouring the left half of the fairway leaves the best line into the green. The second shot can be deceptive so be sure to take enough club to clear the right hand bunker.

Hole 2

Pros Tip - Shortest hole on the course, but club selection is vital. The front bunker tends to foreshorten the tee shot, but finding the flat green presents a good birdie chance.

Hole 3

Pros Tip - A straightaway par 4 with no hidden hazards. A drive anywhere in the fairway leaves a short approach to a flat green. Distance control is important with the 2nd shot but a very realistic birdie opportunity.

Hole 4

Pros Tip - A teasing short par 4 with plenty of hazards to get your attention. Tee shots need to favour the left side of the fairway which slopes from left to right. Club selection is important to ensure clearing the first ditch but finishing short of the second. Second shot should favour the left as everything kicks to the right and the tricky green has a very pronounced fall from left to right. Note: check the pin placement on the 6th green whilst on the 4th tee.

Hole 5

Pros Tip - A fearsome par 3 with a devilish green where a par is always a good score. Tee shot should favour the left half of the green, and usually plays a club longer than you think. Avoid missing the green left as keeping your chip/pitch on the green can be difficult. Green slopes from left to right and two putts is a good result.

Hole 6

Pros Tip - The first really tough par 4 requires a high fade over the left hand tree, or a draw starting to the right of the right hand tree. The second shot should favour the right half of the green as missing left leaves a difficult recovery shot. The false front on this green tends to foreshorten the approach shot.

Hole 7

Pros Tip - The tee shot here needs to favour the right side of the fairway as anything left of centre can be blocked out or even kick into the trees. Aim to leave the approach short of the flag for the easier putt.

Hole 8

Pros Tip - The tee shot needs to favour the left side of the fairway to avoid the lateral hazard on the right of this hole. Beware of the ditch crossing the fairway 150yards from the green.

Hole 9

Pros Tip - Drive down the right hand side to give the best line into this well guarded green which slopes from back to front. Leave your approach shot short of the pin for the easier uphill putts.

Hole 10

Pros Tip - A magnificent par 3 with a very intimidating tee shot - directly outside the clubhouse. The prevailing wind is from the left and the dead ground foreshortens the shot, so take one more club than you think. The percentage shot is to aim at the left hand side of the green and allow the wind to push your ball into the centre of the green.

Hole 11

Pros Tip - The tough start to the back nine continues with a dogleg par 4 back into the prevailing wind. Keep your drive left of centre to avoid getting blocked out by large trees on the right, and be sure to take enough club for your approach to the green.

Hole 12

Pros Tip - A blind drive needs to favour the right side of the fairway to open up the approach to the green, which sits at an angle across the hole. A narrow target and subtle slopes on the green make par a good score.

Hole 13

Pros Tip - A really tough par 4, usually played into the prevailing wind. The drive needs to be threaded between the large trees left and right of the fairway, ideally favouring the right side. A long approach shot awaits to a large, flat green protected by bunkers left and right.

Hole 14

Pros Tip - A short par 4 that provides some respite from the touch start to the back nine. Big hitters can drive this green, and for those playing up the fairway aim at the two conifer trees behind and to the right of the green. Once on the fairway a short approach shot awaits to a flat green. A real birdie chance here.

Hole 15

Pros Tip - A sharp dogleg left where a good drive is essential. Two large trees on the left hand corner of the dogleg mean the tee shot must be right of centre to open up the green. You cannot afford to miss this green to the right, and a very undulating left side of the putting surface make a precise approach shot essential.

Hole 16

Pros Tip - A stunning par 4, requiring a precise drive to set up a long approach shot. Ideally, the drive should be a draw aimed at the ancient burial mount on the right hand side avoiding the oak on the left. Beware of the out of bounds to the left - in play for the tee shot. Dead ground at the front of the green makes the approach shot play longer than it looks and anything landing short of the putting surface will kick from right to left.

Hole 17

Pros Tip - No hidden hazards here, but a difficult fairway to find from the tee. Favour the left half of the fairway with your tee shot and be sure to take enough club with your approach. The green has some very subtle slopes although it appears quite flat.

Hole 18

Pros Tip - A great risk and reward par 4. Big hitters can drive the green setting up a birdie chance although the tee shot is blind, and anything too far left or right will bring the two steep faced bunkers into play. The more conservative shot with a 3 wood or rescue club will leave a short approach to the well guarded green. A gentle closing hole which will catch you out if you relax too soon!